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The good thing is that you can use all these spices easily as there are sprinkling perforations at the top of each lid. The food grade plastic used to make this lovely spice rack is durable and safe for storing spices. Deck up your kitchen in a novel way by including Magikware Classic Spice Rack Set of four Pieces.

This Wooden cork Storage Jar is perfect for accenting and organizing the kitchen, bath or living room. Cylinder shape and wide mouth for easy opening.Sturdy and functional with a simple yet elegant design.


Blue, Gray


L, M

  1. Jared Erickson

    Love this color and type These bottles are perfect for my purpose, which is to display souvenir beach sand in a shadow box with other small items from my seashell collection. I bought the three inchers. I found the quality quite satisfactory.thank you for this product.

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