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A white Prism Bowl From Tupperware Will Not Only Add Much Elegance To Your Kitchen Counter, It Will Also Make For A Very Stylish Serving Bowl Indeed. The Bowl, With A Holding Capacity Of 500ml, Is Easy To Store In Kitchen Cabinets Or The Refrigerator.Food Storage container with wooden and plastic Material.Airtight benefit.

It Prevents Spillage Of The Contents, Is Manufactured Using High Grade Polycarbonate Material That Renders It Virtually Unbreakable And The Air Tight Feature Helps Preserve Freshness Of The Contents. These Bowls Are Easy To Clean, Use.

  1. Chris Ames

    Awesome product for Kitchen for the storage of spices & Snacks. This is made from an attractive wood and the divider is ideally suited for people like me that are fond of artisanal salts. At the moment.

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